Tuesday, January 25, 2011

When Did THIS Happen ?

Tonight my mom and dad "popped by" our house before they head out on a vacation, of sorts, to Florida.  They wanted to see the grandkids and drop of some perishable food items (for the record Mom, chips and gum are NOT perishable!) along with another "thing."

This other "thing" was to drop off some paperwork for Karen and I to sign.
No big deal, right?!

This paperwork is only their Last Will and Testament along with a Power of Attorney and some other papers that will make me the official Executor of their estate ... blah, blah, blah.

NO, not blah, blah, blah ... I seriously am freaking out!  What on earth made them decide to finally get this paperwork all in order?  And also important, exactly when did I become the child that they designate to handle all their affairs when their time on this earth is done?!

To clarify, I am not upset about this.  I am honored!  But I am also a little worried that they are planning to fake their own deaths in Florida and retire to some community down there with secret identities and no ties to the real world.  Okay ... I don't really believe that, but they seemed very concerned that I have this paperwork before their big trip.  Just a little fishy if you ask me.

Well isn't this just a lovely little piece of heaven ?!
Anyway, this got me thinking that Karen and I probably should get all our things in order.  But it made me wonder which of my kids we should pick to be in charge of things.  I think that's a conversation worth waiting 20 years or so to have.

I do know that we're leaving the kids to Aunt Jodie and Uncle Jeremy ... if for nothing else than to force the two of them to get together "in the interest of the kids" and all that!  :)



  1. :) Great post... We should get our stuff together, but it has always freaked me out... Good luck with doing that :)

  2. We did our will when I was pregnant with Casey. It's good to have it in place so you don't have to worry about it. I'd say just get it over with and then put it out of mind. Good idea on who you're leaving the kids to. We're leaving ours to Jem as well but didn't think to specify a wife for him!! ;)

  3. All righty, then! No pressure! Did you guys think I wouldn't be reading your posts just because I'm on vacation?! While I am flattered with the awesome honor of raising my beautiful, amazing nieces and nephews, I am a little concerned with the stipulation of having to get married! Isn't raising kids enough of an adult responsibility?! All kidding aside, thanks to you Josh and you Jaimee for your love, faith and trust in me!