Friday, January 7, 2011

Is it a DAM date or a MAD date ?

I think everyone knows what a "standard" DAM date is, but for those who are pretending to be clueless, I'll spell it out.
D - Dinner
A - And a
M - Movie

So I mentioned to Karen on our date tonight that it was a DAM date.  After I clarified for her what that was she corrected me.  (Which she NEVER does!  Seriously!  This is like time #3 in our almost 13 married years together).  Anyway, back to the story ... she informed me it was actually a MAD date.

And she is right ... it was Movie And Dinner instead of the other way around.

Denver LDS Temple at dusk

For my Mormon readers, we went to an Endowment session at the Denver Temple.  So we saw a "movie" and then after leaving the Temple we went out for dinner.  Ask me sometime about what a fiasco the coordination of which session we went on was.  Ridiculous!

For my non-Mormon readers, attending the Temple is something members of our church do in addition to regular meetings on Sundays, etc.  An Endowment session is the main reason someone like me would go to the Temple, but there are many other activities that take place there.  If you're the least bit curious just let me know and I'll be happy to share whatever I can (much of it is sacred so there are limits on what I can divulge).  No proselyting necessary.  I'd just be sharing information and would be happy to hear what you believe in, especially if we have common ground to share.

So anyway, tonight I had a great MAD date with my beautiful wife Karen.  Thanks Pretty Lady for going to the Temple with me!  Love ya!



  1. You are very sweet! Thanks for a great MAD date :)

  2. I'm embarrassed to admit that I had no idea what a DAM date (or a MAD date) was, so thanks for clarifying! Glad you guys were able to attend the temple! You'll be blessed!