Thursday, August 5, 2010

Why haven't I seen THIS movie sooner?!

Wow! What a ride! I'll have to check with my all-knowing brother Jeremy on this one but I just loved the film!

I fell in love with the "secret love song" (Come What May) many years ago when I heard it on the soundtrack CD my brother-in-law had. Just a darn good song and two great singers (well okay, NK was not great but Ewan has some impressive sound!)

Until tonight I had never gotten around to watching the film, but after last night's debacle (that my beautiful wife made me sit through) I had to give the film industry a chance at redemption. We can at least be friends again Hollywood.

My favorite part of the movie (besides the love song of course) was all the songs that were worked into the movie. So creative to fit so many songs in with homages to great entertainers of almost all ages. Karen didn't know all of them but I caught every ... single ... one. And laughed as they continued speaking as though it wasn't about to be a song.

Secretly my goal will be to get Karen to learn NK's part of the song and perhaps we can do a duet at our 20th wedding anniversary ... eh, she probably would rather do "Willow" quotes. :) Just kidding Pretty Lady ... but I will always love you Come What May!


  1. I'm so glad that you finally saw this great movie! It's definitely one of my favorite musicals. I agree that while NK is decent, Ewan has an amazing voice! I loved the songs that were worked into the movie (and kudos to you for catching all of them!) Now I need to watch it and enjoy it again!

  2. We love this movie too!! We used to have the movie poster hanging in our family room!! :)

  3. I just discovered this movie about a year ago and I have already watched it a ton of times. I love, LOVE this movie. It made my list of movie guilty pleasures.

  4. I love this movie... I think I even blogged about it!