Wednesday, August 25, 2010

So do you want some tickets?

Today was marked by two calls from two lovely women offering tickets to two different events that I (and at least some members of my family) would like to go to.

The first was the loveliest of all lovely ladies: my sweet wife Karen.  She was calling to inform me that she saw on another friend's Facebook page that they were selling AFA vs BYU football tickets for $5.  I was very excited and told her to get 5 tickets (will you be one of the lucky invitees?).  After some research she was able to get 5 tickets and so on September 11th (what a day for a game huh?  I bet the opening national anthem, etc. is going to be AWESOME!) @ 2:00pm my boys and I (along with two special guests) will get to see possibly the last football game between the Cougars (likely going independent in football) and the Falcons.

The second call was actually to Karen's cell phone but I answered 'cause it was our good friend Mindy who is lovely in her own right and just perfect for her husband Tony who is sadly away in Hawaii (no really it is sad) for work.  I love to pick on her by answering Karen's phone and saying "Karen's phone!"  It freaks her out because then she thinks she dialed my number but the deep voice says "Karen's Phone!" ... good times.  Anyway, it turns out that she just received 6 tickets to either Wednesday or Thursday night's Sky Sox (AAA affiliate of the Colorado Rockies) game.  She and her family can't go because they have swim lessons so she wanted to offer the tickets to us.  We have plans for Thursday and Friday night (and later I got a call from another friend and we'll be getting together with our "game night" friends on Saturday) ... but we had no set plans for tomorrow night.  So I graciously accepted the tickets and now we've got the rest of the week planned.  Yay!

Now if only someone would call and offer me the winning lottery ticket I'll have the trifecta of ticket victories!  Uh oh ... I just had a thought ... I better drive very carefully because my 3rd ticket might be for speeding.  :)


  1. It's been awhile since you've had a traffic ticket, huh? Good luck- drive careful! ;)

  2. You know, I don't remember if you have ever gotten a traffic ticket in your life...hopefully you aren't jinxed now!! That's awesome news about the BYU and Sky Sox games!!

  3. Jeremy he has gotten at least two tickets in the last 12 years... But it has been awhile :)