Thursday, August 26, 2010

Ever feel like you're just "going through the motions?"

Today ... no not just today ... much of this week has felt like that to me.  Not every part mind you, but much of the week has felt like just another day.

I am uncertain as to why and that's the part that bothers me.  Usually I'll have a day here and there which is like that, but it always wears off rather quicky and always has a reason behind it (lack of sleep, boring meetings at work, excessive school stuff for the kids, etc.)

I did compile a list today (which usually helps bring me back to the crazy fun life I lead) ... and it was a list of Blog topics I plan to expound on over the next months ... but ... it is sitting on my desk at work and so right now it provides no help.

I had two fillings and a crown-build-up done at the dentist this afternoon ... and it took almost 3 hours!  My lower lip wouldn't go numb, the doctor was already behind on a few other patients, one assistant completely forgot that she was working on me ... that did not help the blah blah blah mood ... but it wasn't the cause so I remain perplexed.

Karen has the first of two Scentsy parties tonight (the other is tomorrow evening) so I am watching all the kids (or rather just listening to them as they watch Suite Life on Deck via instant Netflix).  I have to say that instant Netflix has made us really not feel so lost since we've dropped all cable/Directv, etc.  I've been watching tons of The Office and there are countless comedy routines available anytime I need a laugh.  After the kids are in bed I think I'll just watch something that makes me laugh and see if that brings me out of the blahs.  If not, at least Karen won't have to sit through stand-up routines that she pretends to like but I know it is really not her thing.

Now that you've read this blog ...
don't you agree that I am just
"going through the motions" here too?!



  1. The Office... have you seen the "Dinner Party" yet? Seriously, THAT is the best episode! And yes, I agree...

  2. Going through the motions...yep, I've definitely done that, although I call that "phoning it in"!
    I'm glad that you like "The Office" - it is an awesome show!