Monday, August 30, 2010

Didn't you say you could block ALL my shots?

So today I had the opportunity to go play basketball again on the newly reconditioned floor of the Meadowland Building (a.k.a. The Colorado Springs East Stake Center).  I love this building, but the floor is often very dusty and you just slide all over when playing.  But not today!  Last week they refinished the floor and so it has that brand new gym tackiness to it ... glorious and beautiful!  But blogging about that would take way to long so I'll just cut to the chase on the Title Question.

Monday and Thursday afternoon basketball draws a different crowd than 6:00am or even 9:00pm basketball.  The guys that play in the afternoons are generally past their prime as far as basketball is concerned.  They are still quite good, mind you, but it is because they know what their limitations are and play within those bounds (they pass more smoothly, drive and dish more effectively, but most of all they just enjoy the game).  One guy in particular is VERY loud and VERY outspoken and talks trash with anything that moves (I seriously think he heckled a 5-year old little girl on stage today ... you call that a purse?!)

Anyway, I have grown accustomed to his constant jabbering "That's goin' up!"  "Black hole!"  "He'll shoot it!" and my personal favorite "Woooo!" which is just a very loud woo sound that echos forever, usually uttered after he makes a big steal or blocks a shot.  Today was not particularly different except that he got rather upset that I called a foul on him and that I had the nerve to challenge him back when he said it was a bad call.  After that little "discussion" he seemed intent to show me he was better than I am.  To be fair, he probably is a better overall player than I am, but as a person ... well, I'll try not to judge him.

So one time after he fouled me again, disrupting what would have been a beautiful pass to my teammate that would have produced an easy two point layup, he said loudly "Don't bring that crap in here 'cause I will block everything you bring."  Um, okay ... gotcha dude ... thanks for the warning!  :)

This is taking too long so I'll just skip to the end of the story.  On a very slow fast-break, I dribbled down the middle of the lane, cut to the left (looking to pass back out for a three but my teammate was guarded) and keeping my dribble I spun back around under the rim and started to go up for the shot ... and then I paused, keeping my pivot foot, while this guy flailed his arms in the area where I normally would be shooting from (I give him credit for really knowing what people's tendencies are).  A split-second passed and he was clearly out of position and I jumped off my pivot foot and deposited an easy lay-up into the basket.  Amid the "oohs" and "aahs" of the rest of the guys on the floor (I wish I was just making that up but several actually told me later that it was an amazing looking play) I calmly started running back to set up on defense ... and as the guy turned down court I glanced back and loud enough for everyone to hear I asked him the title question from this very blog!  I couldn't resist ... and for once, he had nothing to say!


Editor's Note: Josh's team went on to win that game as well as the rematch game right after it, despite being down 8-2 in the first game and 12-4 in the second one.


  1. I'm impressed. It sounds like an amazing shot. And, I know what you mean. They refinished our Stake Center floor last year. It was so nice to play on.... until after the first dance.

  2. Fantastic job there, my brother!! I'm glad you showed up that dipstick! And what a great comeback line there!! I'm proud of you!