Saturday, August 28, 2010

Ever wish you had taken a closer peek ?

Today was a great day for many reasons ... lunch with a great friend, got lots done at work, fantastic game night with our game group from the Stetson Hills ward (we are so honored that they still let us play!)

But ... one experience is still lingering in my head and I can't shake the feeling of anxiety it is causing in the depths of my soul.

I don't consider myself an extremely curious person.  I am happy to know that others have secrets or information that they cannot or should not share with me.  I figure "When I need to know, I will be told." and that always seems to work for me.  But I am having a super hard time wondering about something that could have a big impact on my future.  (For those who are already assuming this has anything to do with the remote possibility of Karen being pregnant again ... stop it!  We are NOT expecting another child!)

Although I cannot go into the details (because then you wouldn't be in suspense along with me and that's not fair), I will say that the anxiety could totally have been avoided if I had just peeked a little longer!  I saw some information and the person I was talking to made a very specific comment about me that should have put my mind very much at ease (or even made my day depending on how you look at it).  But I didn't actually see my own name on this list so I would have to just 100% rely on the word of this person, who I do trust and have no reason to question ... but I just can't STAND IT!

So perhaps the next time I see this person I will just ask them straight out about the list and maybe then I can stop fretting so much ... errrr ... ummmm ... hope I can sleep tonight!  Sheesh!


  1. I feel for you, man, especially since I know the whole story. I hope you will be able to somehow put this out of your mind so it doesn't haunt you for the next few days!

    By the way, thanks for going to lunch with me! I enjoyed going to lunch with a good friend, too!