Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Where did the summer go?!

Seriously! The kids start school tomorrow. Josh Jr and Brooklyn are back to Rideview Elementary in the morning (kinda funny that Ben who is in between those two never went to Ridgeview).

I gave them each a Father's Blessing for the upcoming school year. Savannah and Catalina don't start preschool until next Monday so their blessings were saved for Sunday night. I guess their summer vacation doesn't end for another few days ... but then is it really a summer vacation if you've never gone to school before?

Anyway, I had this list of projects I was going to get done this summer. It started great at the end of May until June. Then my second list was done in June before Myra was born. Then my third list was completed during my time off during Myra's first weeks at home. The July list really never took off (I blame the heat and swimming). And my August list is not likely to see much progress (the motivation is just ... not ... there.)

So there it is ... the lamest most non-sensical (arguably) post I have written. I blame my laziness on two hours of mediocre basketball. My game was fine but sometimes I wonder why some of the guys come out to play. Exercise? Then you would think they would at least move around. To hang out? Then you would think they would sit on the stage and cheer those of us who came to PLAY on. Defense? Clearly no. Offense? Ha! So why then? Not sure but my team had a few and it makes it a lot less fun. But I think I'm just getting older and grumpier.

Anyway, sorry there are no real laughs in this one. I promise to do more with it tomorrow ... I think we're going to do family swim at the VGRA pool. They are playing Finding Nemo in the pavilion so that might be really enjoyable.

Good night world! Sleep well and wake up happy! :)


  1. This guy sounds grumpy. Get over it man. It's just a game. If basketball makes YOU grumpy then why do YOU play?! Sheesh. What a hypocrite!

  2. You are not grumpy and you are certainly not old (I, on the other hand, AM old)! And you did a great post--it wasn't lame or non-sensical; nice big words, by the way! I can see why you always win at SCRABBLE! (Jerk! Just kidding!)

  3. I still enjoyed this post...