Monday, August 30, 2010

What will JC blog about next ?

Here's a list of topics I am considering for future blogs ... if any one (or multiple) sound more interesting please vote and I'll be sure to write those sooner than later ... thanks!

Music Blogs:
 - Trends or favorites by year or by decade
 - Songs I like, by genre
 - One-hit wonders I just can't get enough of
 - Favorite CDs/Tapes (in their entirety)

 - "Fighting" stories
 - Scoring vs. Passing (as related to "young and quick" vs "older and slower")
 - Stetson Hills vs. Oakwood

High School Stuff:
 - Sports (quitting basketball team, why Track and Cross Country, etc.)
 - Card Club in the hallway
 - Breakfast of skittles and Welch's Grape Soda
 - LONG lunch periods (ditching 4th and 5th hours)
 - Cars (Babemobile, the Dodge Caravan, Case's Ark, the Trans-Am)
 - Quitting choir before the BIG concert (and being begged to come back)
 - Asking out Prom Dates (thanks for the flower but no thanks for the dance)

Driving Pet Peeves:
 - It's called a run-on lane for a reason!
 - Round-abouts are supposed to make traffic flow SMOOTHER!
 - Turn signals are a nice way to let other people know you are slowing down
 - The left lane is THE passing lane ... move over!
 - If you want to check out the accident, PULL OVER!

 - Favorite animated movies
 - Favorite quotes from animated or live-action movies ... "You're killin' me Smalls!"
 - Romantic comedies that I'll watch over and over and over again
 - Stupid guy flicks that I'll watch over and over and over again
 - Cult Classics that I just love
 - List of movies that make me want my money back

Differences in Choirs (Stetson Hills vs Oakwood vs A Shade of Soul vs Spectrum)

Woodworking (projects I have done, why I love it, my ultimate but realistic woodshop plans for the shed)

Home Improvement projects I have done

Scouting ... memories from my youth ... differences between den leader and Cubmaster

Puzzles are so relaxing for me ... but don't try and help if all you do is "hover"

A history of Case Christmas letters (and ideas for the next two decades)

Family Halloween Ideas list (with 8 of us there's bound to be some great ones)

A history of my Hairstyles and why I wore it like that

A compilation of my various Halloween work costumes (including pictures if available)

 - favorite to eat
 - favorite to cook
 - things that will never pass these lips ... ever!


  1. Wow... You sure have a lot of ideas there... I might have to swipe some of those!

  2. Awesome ideas! Can't wait to read them!! And I might steal some of them too!!

  3. Those are some truly inspired, fascinating ideas for blog posts! I like 'em all!