Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Who Is The Real Hero ?

One of my favorite stand-up comedians, featured in this blog before HERE if you want to see one of his routines, was Mitch Hedberg.  One of his more popular bits involves a description that goes roughly like this:
I have a belt that is holding my pants up.  But my pants have loops to hold the belt up.  I don't really know what is happening down there.
Who is the real hero?

It is with that symbiotic relationship of belt, belt loops, and pants in mind that I lead into today's post.

I believe that I am a pretty good person.  I live healthy (mostly).  I treat others kindly (mostly).  I strive to be a good husband and father.  I work hard (in my occupation and in other areas of my life).  I make people laugh (mostly on purpose).  I provide counsel and support to family, friends, and even near-strangers when occasion suggests it is appropriate.

It would be easy to look at all those things and have a sense of self-pride, or begin to feel a little higher than others.  It would be easy to credit myself for possessing and demonstrating those characteristics.  After all, I am me and nobody else can claim credit for my success.  They are MY successes.  I achieved them.  Yay me.

And yet ...

I am NOT the real hero.  I am not the secret behind the success.  I am not truly deserving of the credit for improvements I have made or consistency in my life.  That credit goes to the real hero.  That credit goes to the person who supports me publicly and in secret.  That credit is due to the person who quietly encourages my improvements and consistency.

It is my wife Karen who almost exclusively deserves that credit.

She is my reminder to live healthy and remain active.
She is my best example of treating others kindly.
She is the reason I know how to be a good husband and father.
She is supportive of me in all the hard work I do.
She is the one who laughs the most at my humor, and whose laugh I enjoy hearing the most.
She is my sounding board or practice patient for providing counsel and support to others.

I certainly recognize the hand of many others in this life and from the heavens who I owe a debt of gratitude to for their help as well.  But NONE of these had to choose to support me in the way she has.  NONE of these are called upon as often as I lean on her strength, wisdom, compassion, and belief in me.  I don't think I can ever really express my appreciation to her for this, but I'll enjoy spending eternity trying to do so.

Song Of the Day:
If you have ever heard the song "If She Only Knew" by Brett Raymond, I am impressed with your musical diversity.  The song is found on a CD titled Northern Voices - Faithful, which is a compilation of different artists.  But the actual singer deserves credit for this tune just like my wife deserves credit for any success I have or will achieve.  The tune itself could also easily be sung about her because what a catch she has been for me.


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