Tuesday, June 10, 2014

What Do You Do During Your Commute ?

Changing work schedules has affected my commute days and times.  This has had a mostly positive affect on me, with just a few lessons learned about where or when not to traverse certain intersections and roadways.

One of my favorite things to do during my commute is to leave behind thoughts and feelings of where I'm travelling from and contemplate where I am headed.  This helps me get into the proper mindset for whatever my destination is, whether it be work, church, home, basketball, or some other event or meeting.

All the Case Kids (from Mother's Day 2014)
My favorite commute is always the ride home regardless of where I am travelling from.  I like to imagine what the sights and sounds will be when I open the door and sometimes even daydream a little about the surprised looks on the faces of my beloved family if I am coming home early or if I enter from a door they weren't expecting to see me at.  I also like to make a mental list of activities to be completed or interactions to have, whether they be a kiss for my wife, listening to the kids' recap story of the day, or something less exciting like mowing the lawn.

I am not always successful in this transition (and I'd love to blame it on the commute being shorter than I expected, but that's almost never true), but when I am, it makes a world of difference.  I can hit the ground running, so to speak, and am much better prepared to play whatever role is asked of me.

Song Of The Day:
I actually enjoyed "On My Way Home" by Enya as a sort of returning from my church mission song.  I used to daydream about the flight home from Los Angeles with the words from that tune playing softly in the background.  Now I sometimes think of it as I drive home from work or church or any other place.  As stated in the lyrics "On my way home, I'll remember all the best days" and typically those are days with family and friends.  Now who wouldn't want to daydream about those times?!


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