Sunday, June 15, 2014

Isn't That Kind Of Backwards?

I am a father of seven children.  They are each wonderful, at least some of the time.  Sadly it is a rare occurrence when they are all wonderful at the same time, but looking at the odds I guess I can't complain.

It is important that you understand how much I love my kids, collectively and individually, because what I'm about to write will almost certainly give you reasons to believe I do not even like them.

Father's Day is one of a few days each year when I actually don't feel guilty doing what I want (the others are my birthday and every other wedding anniversary - since Karen gets to pick our activities on even year anniversaries).

I recognize the irony here, but sometimes, the thing I want most on MY Father's Day is to have those that call me dad just not bug me all day long.  No requests for reading books.  No listening to pointless stories with no plot or recurring characters.  No jokes that make no sense but require me to laugh like they're hilarious.  No reaching toys or other things from high shelves.  No changing diapers or helping comb hair.  No having to explain why Game 5 of the NBA Finals is important or answering who I want to win.  No sharing some of my bacon or ice cream or having to justify why I get whatever snack I feel like and you only get cookies (you GET cookies !!  When I was a kid that was a great day!). No making yucky sounds when I kiss your mother a little longer than you think I should.  No grumbling when I ask you to pick up YOUR mess in MY house.  No fixing you another plate of dinner before I've even had my first helping.  No pumping bike tires, or your basketball, or even getting something out of the attic since it's 'finally summertime.'

None of it.

I just want to NOT be an "all-the-time daddy" for just a little while.  Yes I will miss it and gladly take back my responsibilities tomorrow.  Yes I will find life a little more hollow when it's all about me today.  Yes I will reflect back on the day and wonder why I wanted to be alone.  Yes I will have made a mental list of things we will do as father and kids within the coming month and be excited about checking things off it soon.

But today ... I think I want some ME time.

Song Of The Day:
There's a recent song on the radio called "Am I Wrong" by Nico and Vinz.  The lyrics seem to be written as a love song, which I think can mostly be interpreted to fit into a father's love for his children.  I also like that the title is a fitting commentary for this post.  Is it really that wrong to want a few days of ME time each year?  Is it really wrong to want to not have to be a hard-working father on Father's Day?
Yeah, probably ... But it's my day so that's what I'm choosing!

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