Thursday, June 19, 2014

Name Calling ?

Guys have it so much easier than ladies on so many things, but one that I noticed recently is when it comes to names.

Picture this:  You see someone a short ways off who looks familiar.  As you get closer you realize you know them ... but can't remember their name!

If it's a guy approaching another guy, the options are almost limitless:  dude, brother, my man, chief, and so on.  Guys can even create a sort of nickname based on how they know the other guy - Hoopenstein (basketball buddy), Working hard or hardly working (work buddy), Long shot (gambling buddy), etc.  Guys can also remember part of the other guy's name (first, last, initials, etc.) and it just works - Smithy, Joe, KC.

But for ladies ... it's not that simple.

You ever seen a lady holla across a parking lot "Yo Johnson!  How's it hangin'?!"

You ever heard two ladies cross paths in a hallway talking all "Girl how you been?" ... or ... "What up Yoga-lady?"

No, no you have not.

Because it just ... doesn't ... work.

In fact, if you're a lady and you don't know the other lady's name, there may even be a feeling of "Maybe I should walk the other way so she doesn't see me" to avoid the awkward interaction if she remembers your name.

Once again, it's great to be a guy!

Song Of The Day:
It's been a while since I featured a nice country song ... and this one isn't "nice" per se, but it fits this posts quite nicely.  "The Truth About Men" by Tracy Byrd is a song about how simple life is as a man.  While I appreciate the efforts that ladies go through, there's something to be said for keeping things easy and free-flowing.  Sing it my brothers!


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