Tuesday, June 3, 2014

When Would You Ever Use This ?

When I first got my work laptop some years ago, I noticed that there was a little button just above the screen.  Naturally I pressed it and a little light popped out that shined on the middle of the keyboard below.

At that moment, and forever afterward when I saw the little button, I wondered to myself (and sometimes out loud) the title of this blog post.  I am a rational person and tried to contemplate any of various scenarios under which a keyboard light would be useful.  I could come up with no logical reasons.

Until today.

Sitting in a dark classroom at work today (I was observing one of our trainers and he was using the overhead projector but needed the lights off so everyone could see the screen), I opened my laptop to send a few emails.  I quickly found this task to be quite the challenge.  I am a three-finger typist, so I still need to look at the keyboard (most of the time) when I type.  It was really dark and I couldn't make out the letters or other keys ... and then a light went off (in my head).

I pressed the almost never used button and VOILA!

I can see!

Many emails were sent.  The small light was not even a small distraction to the members of the class.  Everyone wins.  And I finally know when to use that handy little light!

Song Of The Day:
Sometimes new information comes to us and we can hear hallelujah choirs singing.  Today, I thought of the song "Shine" by Collective Soul .  It would have been even more amusing if I'd broken into the chorus in the middle of the class and, while pushing the button, sang loudly "Come on and SHINE!"  But I didn't.  The thought did cross my mind though.


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