Sunday, June 29, 2014

What Have You Read Lately ?

As a youth, reading was easily one of my favorite pastimes.  Encyclopedia Brown was a favorite series that comes to mind, but almost any kind of book was interesting to me.  I read fiction and non-fiction.  In either genre my favorite thing to do was imagining myself into the story or identifying with the lessons learned by the main characters and trying to learn them for my own future use.  It was just as Nephi (from the Book Of Mormon - 1 Nephi 19:23) had written when he said he did "liken the scriptures unto us, that it might be for our profit and learning."  In fact that's likely where I got the idea.

That concept has stuck with me all my life, but my "reading time" had disappeared almost entirely with the time commitment that my marriage, being a father, working full time, and so on had rightfully demanded.  I didn't really miss my reading time because my life was filled with plenty of other enjoyable experiences in those new roles and responsibilities.  But technology is truly amazing and, if used properly, is another gift from the Lord!

Through use of the Kindle app on my iPad, and my long forgotten library card (I cannot believe it's still active and you can read the numbers on it) I have been able to read three books thus far this year.  That may not sound like much, but if you knew how little I've read books in the past 15 years you would be amazed.
I've read a book about preparing for interviews and a new role or job (from the Knock 'Em Dead series).  I've read a research book (The Power Of Habit - cover shown on the left) which has helped me begin replacing habits I do not want to keep with those I believe to be important to me.  And because the title caught my attention, I've read "The Five Secrets You Must Discover Before You Die."  That book coupled with the Habit book has already inspired and motivated me to make some positive personal changes in how I view and live my life.

Best of all, I have been reminded of my love for investing time and energy in reading again.  Not just reading sports articles or pop culture magazines, but books that I can learn important life lessons from.  Even those "Choose Your Own Adventure" books of my youth taught important truths that I hold dear to me still, mainly: your choices always have consequences ... and you don't get to choose what those are - only the initial choice is yours alone.  What happens afterward is, in some cases, already decided.  So choose wisely!

Song Of The Day:
I love reading, but had forgotten how much.  So I'm featuring a great song by Chris Rice today, which asks a great question.
"When Did You Fall (In Love With Me)"  is a song about relationship love, but the questions pondered in the lyrics could almost all be written about books or other pastimes.  I'd also forgotten how much I loved this melody, so I hope you enjoy it too.


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