Wednesday, June 25, 2014

How Are You Even A DJ ?

I've blogged before about a local radio station I love to listen to because it plays soft favorites and smooth jazz.  Most mornings on my commute to work the radio will be tuned to this station and I only turn the channel when commercials come on.

Recently I noticed that there is one other time when I HAVE TO turn the channel, but it has nothing to do with the music or commercials ... it's the DJ.

I'm no expert, but it seems to me that one of the most basic criteria for being a Radio DJ would be that you have the ability to speak clearly, confidently, concisely, and without too many of the traditional space-filling words and sounds that most normal humans use (i.e. um, uh, so, hmm, well, or even a sigh).  This is most evident when sharing news updates or short stories to fill time in between loading songs to play, etc.

This guy (DJ Michaels) is HORRIBLE at that basic skill!

I'm a relatively forgiving person, but I simply cannot listen to him once he starts sharing factoids, or funny news stories, or even local news updates.  The best way I can describe how it sounds is like this: picture a college freshman seminar where each person is asked to give a two-minute speech on a topic they've never heard about or seen before in their life.  The stumbling and fumbling around which words to use, the order in which they go, and even the greater purpose of conveying a single thought, idea, or story, seem to be lost amidst random comments or verbal filler.  It's like listening to someone try to tell you about an article they are reading while they are reading it.

I just really wonder how little the salary must be, or how complicated the system for playing music, etc. must be for this DJ to still be employed with such a clear skill being so lacking.

Song Of The Day:
It's only fair to share a really positive song today, to combat the negativity and complaining from my post.  So here's "The Next Time I Fall" by Peter Cetera and Amy Grant which is playing semi-often on the aforementioned radio station.  It fits for me because sometimes this DJ even sounds like he just fell off his chair and is scrambling to fill air time.  The next time that happens I'll continue to change the station until he's done talking.


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