Monday, June 23, 2014

Why Do You Even Respond ?

I never thought I would actually have hate toward a letter of the alphabet, but that's what's happening here.  Every single letter response to a text or instant message conversation is moving me further and further down a path of destruction.  I'm beginning to wish the letter didn't even exist.  I'm questioning whether it has any value outside of that lazy response.  In fact, I've written this whole first paragraph to this blog and haven't needed to use it once.  Perhaps it has been over-rated all these years and should be relegated to a single function.

And yet I find myself also wondering ... why do those who invest the infinitely small amount of time to reply with that letter even do so in the first place?  Perhaps, they see the inequality of letter distribution in everyday language and they have vowed to elevate this letter to it's rightful place in history.  Consider their efforts a crusade to right what is wrong.  In that case, they are most certainly not deserving of my negative reactions, but rather are worthy of admiration for their actions.  Could it be that they are sending more of a message than just the letter itself?  If so, what other letters will they rally behind and create usage for?  Will we type or text a simple "Q" to represent answers we do not have?  If someone is boring us or we need to head to bed would a "Z" response suffice?

Perhaps we'll never Know ... (see, I guess it does have another use!)

Song Of the Day:
I think of the title of the song "Don't Answer Me" by the Allan Parsons Project whenever I get a "k" response.  Just save yourself a millisecond and I'll assume you saw the text and agreed with what I said.  I trust technology well enough to believe that you got my message.  If you don't agree or you have something of value to add, feel free to respond when you have time to type at least a few keystrokes.  K?


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