Sunday, June 22, 2014

What Grudges Are You Carrying ?

A while back, I received some information from a person whose opinions I generally respect.  This individual was more or less assessing my value with the information that they shared.  At the time, I disagreed with their assessment so much that I took what they shared with me and printed it out on a sheet of paper.  I then folded this piece of paper up and carried it with me for many months.  I was literally carrying a grudge.

I wonder what would happen if we had to do this with all the perceived unfair judgments or improper actions of others.  Would we be as quick to judge or take offense?  Would we seek ways to remove the burden of blaming others?  How much easier would it be to separate real offenses from the very little things that don't matter much at all?  How much easier would it be to see how these reactions are only hurting ourselves?  Would we feel the physical weight of these grudges and choose to let them go sooner?

As for me, I wanted to experiment with having this piece of paper with me everywhere I went (within reason - it's not like I put it in a plastic bag to shower with or anything).  Each day the paper went into one of the pockets in my pants or shorts.  I almost never opened the paper up to look at what was depicted on it.  I didn't need to.  I already knew how this person valued me, or in my estimation under-valued me.

At length, I decided to "let go" of this grudge I was carrying.  It may have been comments from others that enabled me to do this.  As people in my life provided me with compliments or other means their assessment of my value, I found that I'd rather focus on those collective messages than this single statement.  I snapped the picture above and then tossed the paper into a recycle bin at work.  It felt great!  But the real value was knowing that I wasn't burdened any longer by this grudge.  The rest of that day I was much more happy and content.  I saw good all around me and found friends instead of foes.  I wanted everyone to feel that relief of burden from grudges so I wrote this post.  Hopefully anyone reading this can "let go" of things they've been carrying for way too long now.  You'll be glad you did!

Song Of The Day:
One of my favorite genres for music are songs about lost love.  Of course when you're in a happy marriage, it sorta sends the wrong message when you say this, so I have to carefully choose when to share some of these great tunes.  As related to today's song choice, "My Love's Leavin" by Steve Winwood, I suggest replacing the word "love" in the song with the word "grudge."  Then this lost love song can actually be more of a positive song about letting go of grudges.  Yeah it's a stretch I know ... at least I didn't use "Let It Go" from Frozen!  :)

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