Thursday, July 31, 2014

Is Your Room Clean ?

In anticipation of having visitors staying at our house, I went through the 'guest' and other 'common' rooms for what I had thought would be a quick inspection and 'tidy up' process.  Most of the way through I was pleasantly surprised that we we ready to invite some out of town family into our home.

And then I found this ...





To be transparent, the bed on it's side was my doing - this was a necessary step to FIX the bed frame, which, upon inspection, was found to be broken.

But other than that, the mess of clothes, toys, papers, shoes, candy wrappers, trading cards, sports equipment, and trash was just as it appears in these photos.

Two loads of laundry plus five large boxes and one kitchen trash bag later, the room was in a much better state.  After my son returned home from school (yes his first day of school was today as well), I sat down with him to outline the 'next steps' in keeping his room clean and earning his stuff back.  He sorted his now clean clothes into 'keep' and 'doesn't fit anymore' piles.  He took the trash out to the garbage can.  We discussed extra chores and a timeline for completing them whereby he can earn the items he wishes to keep back from their boxes.

Hopefully it never gets this bad again.

Song Of The Day:
I would never actually refer to this room as a "Beautiful Mess" but the song by Jason Mraz doesn't just say mess so this will have to do.  The melancholy feel of the song works for my mood upon clearing the mess from the room too.


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