Monday, July 7, 2014

What Does That Sign Say ?

I do enjoy the convenience of taking pictures with my phone (I always have a "camera" with me now) because life is filled with odd moments that just need a photo to be able to share some amazing, or most of the time in my case, funny experiences.

The picture below was taken at my kids' Middle School (Skyview), which is about a half-mile from our home.  They have a large scrolling display board posted outside the front of the school, where there are often messages and reminders of important dates or activities coming up.  But the other day while driving by I noticed that the normally black with red lettering sign looked starkly different.  I drove closer to get a better look and found it amusing what the sign said.

I know this wasn't on purpose, but the phrase "No Schedule Found" being displayed on the big board during the summertime when school is out of session was highly amusing to me.  Of course there's no 'schedule found!'  The kids (and teachers and administrators) are on summer vacation!  No matter how hard you try, you'll almost never find a 'schedule' for summertime!

Song Of The Day:
I was technically out of middle school when "Summertime" came out, but it always reminds me of those middle-school summers.  Once in high school, summers are filled with more activities, so middle-school summers are the last true "free" times to be enjoyed.  I love this song and I know I am not the only one who can quote every lyric!  I tip my hat to DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince for composing such a long-lasting, memory-conjuring, and all around perfect reminder of summers gone by song.


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