Saturday, July 5, 2014

Is That Your Pew ?

3 of my 4 daughters enjoying some
drawing time during Sacrament Meeting
(Ben was tired)
I love going to church, most Sundays anyway.  There is a familiarity to the experience and I am grateful for my children's ability to settle into positive patterns while at church.  It teaches social skills and provides an opportunity to gain faith and belief in something greater than themselves.

Because of our consistent attendance at church, our family has our own more or less designated pew.  Virtually nobody ever sits in the front row, as though this was some unwritten social faux pas, but our family pew is the one right after that.  Yes, this is closer than most people would choose to sit, but there's one key reason for it: legroom.

This second bench seat is the first full-sized row.  The first pew is about 3/4 the length of a full pew, which means there are about four feet on either end of the bench with nothing in front of you.  This is excellent for me, as I have longer legs than typically fit comfortably in church pews.

Song Of The Day:
I know we're talking about benches or pews here, but this post is also about Sundays.  Craig Morgan's song "That's What I Love About Sunday" conveys some thoughts on both subjects.  I love Sundays and I also love having our own family pew at church.


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