Friday, August 1, 2014

Are You Afraid Of The Truth ?

It seems like many people are increasingly unwilling to accept the truth ... about themselves.

Overweight people don't want to track their food intake because they are afraid to find out it's their own doing and not some genetic or other excuse.

Likewise, people who feel money is tight seem reluctant to track everything they spend money on for fear they'll have to make changes in the lifestyle they have grown accustomed to.

This also rings true for those who rely altogether too much on their mobile or electronic devices.  Try taking them away and you'll see another side of that person.  Even suggesting that they track their time spent each day on their devices will get you at the very least some very dirty looks.

It's time to ...
Grow up.
Step up.
Own up.

The first step to recovery is admitting the problem.  Perhaps that would be easier to do if you did a little micro-managing of yourself.  Track the data.  Crunch the numbers.  Look at the legitimate facts.  Be objective.  Resist the temptation to excuse yourself for any reason.  People will respect you for your self-honesty and you'll be better able to control your future.  Unless of course you're still too afraid.

Song Of The Day:
The saying goes 'the truth hurts' but what it doesn't account for is how much being untruthful hurts by comparison.  Neglecting self-honesty only leads to regret later.  "Never Turn Away" by my favorite group OMD, is a melancholy tune perfectly suited to this post.  The repeating chorus of I'll never, no, no seems to suggest the hopelessness that will set in if we can't admit we need to make changes.  It is easier to recognize we need to turn away if we can plainly see the challenge in front of us..


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