Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Is That A Tree Or A Bush ?

My wife and I go on walks in our neighborhood as often as the weather and time allows.  It is nice to get out and spend some alone/together time while getting a little exercise and enjoying the clean Colorado air.  There is a feeling of relaxation that always happens throughout the process of the stroll.

But sometimes (and very often lately) I am filled with frustration.  This stems from two different bothers that happen during these walks.

First, when did people stop caring about their trees or bushes completely blocking the sidewalk?  Isn't this an HOA violation?  Doesn't the homeowner have some responsibility to allow a clear walkway on the city-installed sidewalk?  It's even more frustrating than the folks with 2/3 of their monster truck parked across the sidewalk/driveway overlap.

Second, when did people stop understanding the difference between bushes and trees?  Most trees are not intended to have branches from the bottom to the top of the trunk.  That's what we call a bush.  Trees should have a tree-like shape.  There are so many trees in our neighborhood that have not been maintained and now look like bushes.

Both of these situations frustrate me to such a point that I am seriously considering bringing garden shears with me on our walks.  Snip snip.  Now there is room to walk on the sidewalk.  Snip snip.  Now you have a tree again.  Snip snip.  You're welcome lazy homeowner.  I won't even send you a bill!

Song Of The Day:
There's plenty of songs about trees or walks out there, so I opted for one about cutting.  Gloria Estefan's song "Cuts Both Ways" is both a great tune and also sound like it could be describing my feelings about these tree/bush bothers.


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