Thursday, July 10, 2014

It's Only 40 Right ?!

Rocking those sweaters in the early 90's
Today's post is a brief nod to my awesome older brother Jeremy!

For him, this year's birthday is atop a hill of sorts.  Technically, most say it is the birthday that puts him over the hill (or OTH), but he's still as young as ever in my book.

Jeremy and I have plenty of memories of times together in our youth, teens, twenties, and thirties.  If I was better prepared, I'd have collected pictures to share from each of those decades ... but instead you get just a few pictures of Jeremy (and I ... and our other siblings too) from our high school days. 

Thanks for letting Charlie and I tag along
for your Senior Prom.  And thanks for
setting us up with our dates too!  :)
Jeremy, just for you, here is a short list of some memories I hope you will think fondly of:
Star Wars figurines, black and white movies, connecting basement bedrooms, bunk beds and tree-climbing (never again), throwing ice into the hotel pool (why did you answer the door?!), early morning seminary, the Babemobile, Senior Prom (for you), the Yellow house, the Brick house, playing cards in the hall at school (Card Club!), sword fights with anything we could find (pool noodles, those long leaves at the Orem house, etc.), MST3K (and later RiffTrax - let's go again soon, my treat!), rat tails, long hair, short hair, beards, bowling, staying up late watching satellite tv, old Nickelodeon shows (Out of Control, YCDTOn Television, Pinwheel - Stanley Sandwiches), board games (especially Sequence back in the early 2000's), Friends Scene It, and "why don't you move into our apartment?"

Thanks for supporting me before,
during, and after my mission!
Thanks for always going first in this life!  There are so many other memories that I can't wait to recall as we get the opportunity to reflect over the next 40 years.  I will always look up to you, even if I'll also always be taller.

Song Of The Day:
It has nothing to do with an OTH birthday.  But the song "Buffalo Stance" by Neneh Cherry is a nice Throwback Thursday song that will always remind me of Jeremy and times we spent together as teenagers.  I'll let you ask him for any more details, but I know he'll enjoy this blast from the (relative) past.  :)


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