Saturday, July 12, 2014

Who Needs A Folding Table ?

I hate ironing.

I am certain this stems from having ironing as a household chore growing up.  I'm quite good at it (after years of practice who wouldn't be?!) but I avoid it as often as possible.  This is partly why I do the laundry in the Case Place.  Some loads can sit in the dryer for any length of time, but permanent press items should be hung up as soon as possible.  Especially if you want to avoid any ironing.

It may look silly, but hanging shirts is
MUCH easier this way and can be done
right in the closet!  Efficiency win!
For as long as I can remember I've used the bed in our master bedroom as a makeshift folding table.  After years of bringing hangers from the closet and trying to find places to hang shirts, pants, skirts, etc. I had an idea.  Why not bring the clothes into the closet and just hang them there?!  But then I thought, how can I avoid making so many trips to the closet?!  A few different tests and voila! ... I had it!

My wife laughs every time she sees me piling our outer garments on my shoulders, but why would I care about a little poking fun at me when the results are so good?  That's right, I don't mind at all.  Especially because there's still no need for ironing!

Song Of The Day:
The song "Under You" by Trickside came to my mind the other day and I think it fits here.  Not just because I'm talking about laundry and the song features references to a pair that should have stayed together.  I know they didn't mean socks, but they could have.  I also think the lyrics "anywhere you are, I'll be under you" could be the piles of laundry that appear each week to be completed.  "I start gaining ground" but the piles are just everywhere!


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