Sunday, July 27, 2014

Enjoy Parenting ?

While cleaning out some papers from an infrequently used tote, I came across an instruction manual for a baby carrying product my wife and I bought (or maybe it was a gift?) many years ago when we first became parents.

I found several amusing things about this instruction manual, including the following:
- The baby looks fake ... or dead.  I know he or she is sleeping, but still ...
- The woman is clearly excited.  I'm not sure if this is because the baby is asleep (I hope it's not excitement because my first observation is accurate) or if it is to say 'Look ma, no hands!'
- Check out the carrier's midriff - I'm fairly certain this isn't the baby's mom ... but if so, I would think all other moms would hate her for being that fit with such a young child.

But by far, my favorite part of this manual is the tagline 'Enjoy parenting.'  This one cracks me up the most of all because of the sheer audacity of that statement as suggested in association with the Baby Bjorn child carrier.  It seems to suggest that parenting cannot be enjoyed without one of these contraptions.  The irony in this is something anyone who has ever used one of these carriers can point out to you - having and raising a child is almost as challenging as strapping yourself (and then the baby) into this device!  I didn't take pictures but there are no less than two dozen steps in securing yourself and baby into the carrier.

I enjoy parenting just fine without always needing to use our Baby Bjorn.

Song Of The Day:
As a parent it can feel overwhelming sometimes.  With that in mind I suppose I should give credit to the marketers of this product in their effort to suggest that everything will "Be Okay" (tune by Oh Honey).
I just wonder whether the instruction manual needs to include this explanation of why you bought or received this item as a gift.


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