Wednesday, July 9, 2014

How Convenient Is Your Laptop ?

A few years ago I upgraded from a desktop computer to a laptop at work.  It was all the rage (as much as that is possible in a call center) at the time, especially since our building had just been upgraded to have WiFi available everywhere within it.

The first few weeks took some getting used to, but I eventually loved the convenience of having access to everything on my work computer anywhere in the building(s) where I worked.  It was also much more convenient to work at home, although that was very sparingly (it's kinda loud, er, busy with 7 kids).

This portability has been of even greater use to me in my new role at work as the Training Supervisor.  I spend a fair amount of my work hours in conference rooms (for meetings) or training rooms (observing trainers from my team).  Having the laptop allows me to stay accessible to others while primarily focusing on something else.  I've even gotten used to the smaller screen size (which I'm sure is HUGE compared to laptops of just a decade ago) and using the smaller keyboard and mouse-pad square.

What I haven't gotten used to is "re-connecting" when I get back to my desk.  Including the new phone system we just upgraded to (which is a VoIP system), I have 5 cords to "re-connect" when I want to use my laptop at my desktop.  I also have to open the laptop to do a quick "restart" so the connections reset and function properly.  While this is a little inconvenient, I will gladly suffer through it, as the benefits greatly outweigh the drawbacks.

Song Of The Day:
What better re-connection song than "Connected" by Stereo MCs.
Good tune that has nothing to do with wires or WiFi or laptops, but at least the title works here.  :)


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