Monday, September 20, 2010

Why all the running lately?

Well if you can't beat 'em (but I can) then join 'em (I did).

Big thanks to my little sister Jaimee for encouraging asking dragging inviting allowing me to come running with her this evening.  I have not gone "running" in ... wow ... at least 15 years, maybe 16 if I do the math right since my birthday was last week.

She was gracious in making me feel like a freakin' superstar runner, but we all know I was never that good.
I ran in high school for two reasons (and ONLY these two reasons!):
#1.  You could not really get "cut" from the Cross Country or Track teams.
#2.  Both teams were co-ed (for our slower readers, this means they had girls and boys on the team)

"That dude looks skinny but at
least he's slow enough to catch."

I have heard people talk about the joy of running ... but I think they're full of crap.  I run when something is chasing me, or when I'm playing a real sport (see: basketball, football, baseball, sometimes volleyball), or when someone did not hear me clearly call "SHOTGUN!" and so I have to beat them to the front seat.  In other words, I run when I have to not "just because."

But Jaimee has been on this running kick as of late (along with what seems like EVERY one of my Facebook friends and extended family members*) and so I thought this would be chance to support her healthy habit and exercise the old muscles once again.  *Huge props to my cousin Darrin who just completed a Triathlon!  Wow!  I don't care if the knee-brace wearing octagenarian bested you ... you'll get him next year!

I just want to beat the short old guys ... and my sister!  :)
So on October 16th, I will be joining my sister and a few of her friends (plus Chris Fark, a guy I work with who signed up too) for the 4th Annual Peace Officer's Memorial Valor Run (good luck fitting that on the t-shirts).  It is a 5K race (3.1 miles for those who don't use the metric system).  Jaimee's goal is to break 30 minutes ... and that will be my goal as well ... at least for this first race.  Personally I would love (that's way too strong a word since I kinda don't really care) to get back to "under 20 minutes" for a 5K run ... but that may be unrealistic at my advanced age.

Either way, 2 1/2 hours of full-court basketball this afternoon, mowing the lawn this afternevening, and then running 2.2 miles (in about 25 minutes) has left my muscles good and tired ... but I feel good too.  Hmmm ... maybe that's the "runner's high" everyone keeps fabricating.  Stinkin' liars!  :)



  1. Oh Josh.. you flatter me.... I want to break 32 minutes!! And you will totally get back to where you were at, if you don't take pity on me and run at my pace... I promise... Race Day you can run as fast as you want and I'll keep going. I won't 'lay in the gwass 'cause my feet huwt'... I'll finish strong, just not as strong as you! Love you, bro!

  2. I'm so proud of you for joining the "running phenomena" with Jaimee! I suppose I should say that I'm joining you guys...but let's be realistic! That's not gonna happen!!

    Another awesome, hilarious, snarky, sardonic, interesting, enjoyable post!!