Wednesday, September 8, 2010

So are we supposed to STOP? Ok, but where?

Short written blog tonight but the pics will tell you "the rest of the story" (c'mon, I know there are some Paul Harvey fans out there!)

I drive down Dublin Blvd to Shimmering Creek Dr / Black Forest Rd almost every evening on my way home from work.  I noticed one day that there are 3 Stop signs on Eastbound Dublin Rd at this intersection.

Note the lack of mountains (you are facing East)
So I had to ask "why?"  And then I had to check to see if those travelling Westbound on Dublin Blvd are equally blind and stupid.  Turns out they must be.  (No offense intended to anyone who is actually blind ... in fact, if you are blind and you are reading this blog then we should talk 'cause that's frickin' impressive!)

And note the presence of mountains (you are facing West)
And that would have been my blog ... except ... apparently we are too stupid to notice the three HUGE stop signs (coming or going either direction) ... so they had to add these about 100 yards before the intersection.  On BOTH sides !!!

Seriously?! Math is not my best subject (Karen says it's "kissing and stuff" but she's biased ... absolutely correct, but still biased) but I count a total of 10 stop signs and/or stop-sign-related warnings on ONE SINGLE ROAD within 100 yards of ONE intersection!

I also question the wisdom in giving
ONE ROAD two different names.
People already get lost as it is!
The moral of the story is that when car sales drop because of a recession, the inmates have to resort to making other road signs (instead of license plates people, please try to keep up!) and now the rest of us have to STOP excessively so their rehabilitative efforts are not wasted.  Hmmmm ... I was just wondering if maybe they can make warning signs about the stop-sign warning signs ... 'cause those come up awfully fast and I would hate to miss them.


  1. LOL!!! I never even noticed until you pointed it out! :)

  2. This had me in a fit of giggles! Thanks for the laughs. Let's plan a running date! :)

  3. Absolutely hilarious!! I've noticed that before and it definitely had me scratchin' my head. And having two different street signs? Seriously, what's up with the Springs anyway?

  4. Now you know why we don't visit. In fact we came over once but had to go home because we were lost.