Monday, September 6, 2010

Can it really be Fall already?

I have to begin today's blog with another shout-out ... this time to my little sister Jaimee.  It's her birthday today and she will remind me every day for the next 11 days (we were born 11 months and 19 days apart)that we are the same age ... although now that we're in our mid-30's I think she is not trying to keep up with me in years as much as when we were both 17.  I love you Jaimee and perhaps on your half-birthday (or on some other random date) I will have to start the first of many blogs committed to just my memories of times with you.  My favorite was still our "dates" to the Hallmark store in the Greeley Mall where we would try to find the most hilarious card.  So much fun!  Hope your birthday was awesome!

If the weather change from this morning (too hot for the balloons to go up) to this afternevening while I was grilling (seriously 20-30 degrees colder outside than in the house) is any indication, then Fall has arrived ... and he/she is ANGRY!

The winds were howling this afternoon.  So badly that while trying to play 500 with my boys (football players of all ages will know the game, if you don't ... ask a football player you know) it became almost impossible for me to throw a pass that either of them could catch.  It was like tossing a frisbee that is actually a boomerang.  I think I scored more points than they did, and I didn't even use the "dead or alive" points system much at all.

I saw a shooting star this evening on the drive back from dropping my mother-in-law and niece back off at their place (after an evening of dominoes that Karen was killing us on until she got Myra back and then her concentration and luck was OVER).  I haven't seen a shooting star in years so it was very cool.  But I forget if you are supposed to wish on them or follow them to their resting place and wait for Will Smith to do that flashy thing on you.  I just pulled in the garage and closed the door to be safe.

The pool is closed now and at the start of the summer it always seems like Labor Day is way to early to be thinking about closing the pool.  But it hasn't really been warm enough to want to swim in at least two weeks (especially if you add the chilly wind in).

No matter how you shake it ... fall is here and I am happy to welcome him (or her ... which is it?)


  1. I think he...
    Hot chocolate weather :)

  2. Thanks for the birthday shout-out! I think its so cool you saw a falling star... I haven't seen one in years... since we lived in our other house! Your blogs always make me smile! Love you!

    P.S. Guess what?!?! We're both 33!!! :)

  3. Fall is a she, because the formal name for it is Autumn and Autumn is a girl's name, right?