Sunday, September 12, 2010

Where have YOU been?

So I knew back in July when I first decided to start blogging that it would be idiotic of me to commit to "The 365 Days of Josh Case" ... so I didn't.  I do not mind reading the Lamentations (it is Sunday so we have to have some Biblical reference right?!) of my blog-buddies that are doing the 365-challenge. In fact, it makes me feel good knowing that I am not bound by the same requirements.

I say this often but don't get me wrong ... I am not mocking or putting down the 365-days bloggers.  I could, because I am free of that pressure, but I'm not.  I think it is a very admirable goal and I applaud those of my family and friends who have taken (and for many almost completed) that challenge.

It is days like the last two days that remind me how glad I am that I made the decision not to commit to that level of ... commitment.  :)

Friday, 9/10
It was the annual Fathers and Sons campout ... and in our family's time honored tradition ... we didn't go.  Instead, the boys and I set up a tent in our backyard and "camped" in the safety of a suburban neighborhood.  Believe me when I say that I tried to convince the boys to "campout" in safety (and comfort) of the movie room ... but Ben convinced Josh Jr that it would be so cool to sleep in the backyard ... even though that meant a much earlier bedtime.  So after about 15 minutes of tossing the football around we roasted smores over the fire (made in my charcoal grill which will likely end up being a very bad long-term decision).  I then got soft and the boys & I came in and watched "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" together before heading out to the tent for bed.  "Pioneers sang as they walked and walked and walked and walked."  My boys stayed awake as they talked and talked and talked.  But eventually (see: when I stopped responding) they rolled over and slept.  I, on the other hand, laid there awake for quite a while.  But sleep finally won out and later the next day Ben said it had been "the best campout ever."  Josh Jr is still undecided.

Saturday, 9/11 -- Patriot Day
I snuck out of the tent around 4:45am and after a quick (but very warm and thus extremely enjoyable) shower, I headed into work.  Why so early?  You'll find out later.  Work was great ... mostly because in the 2 1/2 hours I had of near silence before anyone else came to work I got virtually everything I needed to do done.  Then my team got to work and I met with several folks through the rest of my day.  Around 11:30am my dad and brother, Jordan, and the boys picked me up to go to the AFA vs BYU football game.

The game was great!  Well ... not for BYU or their fans ... but for Air Force it was spectacular.  The horrific looking Cougars (or whatever JV High School team they let suit up for them) made AFA look super fast and super good.  The weather was awesome though and Grandpa Jerry treated us to seat cushions and hot dogs and water and snacks.  Where was that generous guy when I was a kid?!  Just kidding dad!  You were always cool when we went to sports events!  Ben was ready to leave as soon as we got there (he is more like his mom and found more fun in watching the people around us than the game).  Josh Jr was witty as ever with his comments and questions.  And then it only took us an hour to exit the parking lot.  Notice no asterisk next to that time assessment.  It was abysmal!

On an unhappy note, I cracked my temporary crown (this is the 2nd temp crown I have had on this tooth!) chewing on a hot dog.  They said to avoid anything hard or sticky.  The hot dog was neither of those things.  I am now in somewhat severe pain because the prepped tooth under the temporary crown is exposed and VERY sensitive to air or liquids and any thoughts I have about anything to eat have to be carefully considered.  Can I cut it into small enough pieces to stay on the left side of my mouth?  Am I really that hungry or should I just start a long fasting period?  Ultimately I realized that if they need to try and complete the crown tomorrow I probably should not come fasting or the shot might cause bigger physical problems.

The rest of the evening and most of today is a blur of sorts.  I know we (the Oakwood Ward choir) sang a beautiful medley of two hymns in Sacrament meeting today.  I know we had a great meal and fun hanging out @ Grandma Julie's house.  I know Mindy and her kids were over Saturday night and I vaguely remember watching part of some Jennifer Lopez movie about getting pregnant.  But ultimately, the weekend was one that literally wiped me out ... so this blog is rather boring (in my opinion) and I just didn't feel compelled to bore y'all with it.

Hopefully tomorrow I will get my tooth fixed (finally) and after being able to eat normally again I will be in a better position to share something more witty with you all.  But don't hold your breath ... remember: I can't get that tooth numb so unless there is a miracle you might not see another blog for another few days.  Spend the time you save with your kids and you will thank me later.  Unless you go "camping" in the backyard ... or to root for the BYU Football team.  :)


  1. Oh Josh... those are the days I would just post a random picture... but I agree, it would be nice not to have to post every day. But honestly, there is a lot I probably wouldn't have posted if I hadn't committed. I never thought you were the 'afraid of commitment' kind of guy! ;)

    And P.S. I enjoyed reading about your two days and didn't think it was boring AT ALL!

  2. I'd take offense to your comment about us "365 Day Bloggers", but you make a valid point about having difficult days in which you wouldn't be up to doing a post; also, I feel like your broken crown was some sort of cosmic punishment for your remarks :()ha ha! Anyway, loved your recap of the weekend!