Thursday, September 2, 2010

Are you guys hiring?

I got a call from my sister-in-law Tisne this evening, which normally never happens.  It's not that Tisne and I don't talk, just practically never over the phone.

The VERY moment I recognized her voice I thought "Why haven't you told her about all the hiring we are doing at Progressive?!"
Well, you will never guess what she was calling about ... really ... try and guess ... go ahead ... nothing?!

The Progressive Colorado Springs Call Center
Tisne has been working at her current job (in a call center that has horrible hours, mean managers, terrible training, and questionable quality) for a while now.  She doesn't really enjoy it but in this economy you take what you can get, right?!  Needless to say I was very happy to chat with her this evening about applying to work at Progressive (locally, a call center that has flexible hours, holistic leaders, comprehensive training, and a huge emphasis on quality care for customers).

Who doesn't know our current
spokesperson, "Flo" ?
I am very proud to say that
I love Progressive!  I love working there!  Sure we have our problems and issues (good luck finding a "perfect" workplace in this life), but for the most part I have been there 12 and a half years because it is a great place to work!  I will not bore you with the details ... but ... if you live in the Colorado Springs area and are not already working at Progressive, give me a call sometime (or send me an e-mail on Facebook) and I'll talk very candidly with you about why I love my job and company so much.

So tomorrow I will be refreshing my memory on how to submit an employee referral (for Tisne) and then giving her a call in the early afternoon to help her prepare for the interview(s).  Of course I cannot interview her myself, nor can I guarantee she would get hired or anything like that.  But I know she cares about her customers at her current job and gets most upset when she is not provided with the freedom to help them out.  That alone makes her a great fit for Progressive!

And the $500 bonus I would get if she is hired and works there for at least 90 days isn't bad either.  :)

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  1. That's awesome! I hope Tisne gets hired and gets away from that awful place (who would want to work there? Oh, wait. I did--and regretted it with every fiber of my being!)

    P.S. I'm sorry that I wasn't able to use you as a referral when I got hired, but the hiring dept. listed me as a rehire. I'd pay you the $500 but I'm still waiting for my first paycheck!