Saturday, September 18, 2010

What is going on here ?!

The other night I go downstairs to turn off the lights for the kids and I find this ...

Ben (almost 9) with his arm around Josh Jr (almost 11)

I suppose on some level it is cute.

But on another level ... they are going to HATE me for posting this!  :)

Here comes the punchline ...

It is a real life BRO-mance!  Get it?!  Since they're BROthers?!

Ha ha ha.  Oh waitaminute ...

Hope they don't get me back while I'm sleeping ... uh oh.



  1. Oh, BROther!! What a laugh! I hope your boys don't get too upset about this picture being posted!

  2. Hopefully, they will appreciate that you caught this moment when they are older... I'm sure glad you caught it... so sweet. I love those boys!

  3. *snicker*

    I always tell Logan that when he has his own kids he can do stuff like this to them.