Thursday, September 2, 2010

What do all these words have in common?

A special treat today for all my loyal readers, but first a quick "holla" to my little brother Jordan who turned 29 years old today.  Jordan, thanks for holding out past 2:00am so that we could all have September birthdays together (no offense Jeremy, but you got to share with Grandpa so it's all good).

Today's treat is a game.

See if you can find out the common denominator of all these words and/or phrases:
12-step program     1980s     afternevening     Albuquerque low     aliens     all-knowing brother     aloof     animated movies     anniversary     anxiety     Atonement     awesome     backfill     Basketball     basking     bathrooms     Bill Cosby     Black Hole     blessings     Blog topics     boat     Bob     Bonus points     Boraxo     boring meetings     boundaries     boyz N da hood     bragging     Broncos     buzzer     BYU football     Captain Moroni     Card Club     cats     chair     challenge     charity     Chinook wind     chocolate milk     Christmas     cloud buddies     Colorado Springs     Come What May     comic     compasses     conversations     couch     crotchety     curiosity     Dangit     debacle     defense     Dennis     dentists     deposited     depths of my soul     Dilbert     dish     Diversity and Inclusion     divide and conquer     Dr Seuss     dream home     driving     dusty     empty nest     etc.     example     exercise     falcons     Family Feud     fantasy football     Father's Blessings     favorite     fighting     fillings     Finding Nemo     Flair     flavoring     fools     fretting     future     game night     Garden of the Gods     gardens     Geek in the Pink     glare     glorious and beautiful     goats     great day     Greeley     grievances     groceries     grudges     grumpier     hairstyles     Halloween     Hannah Montana     Happy Hour     Hawaii     helicopter     hold your breath     Hollywood     homages     Humpty Dumpty     I am a Child of God     I-25     ice cream for dinner     idiosyncrasies     idiots     imperfections     interesting     Jazzmine     Jesus Christ     just another day     Karen     ladies     laughs     laundry     leagues     left-handed     lemonade     lifeguards     lighter side     LinkedIn     Long Beach     Love     Love One Another     lovely     low self esteem     loyal fans     made my day     Mafia     mankind     Marcos     Martial Law     Matchless Sock Drawer     mediocrity     Mindy     missions     moisture     movies     music     musical chairs     My Blue Heaven     MySpace     national anthem     Netflix     Nicknames     nightmares     non-Mormon readers     non-sensical     nothing to say     offense     old friend     older     opportunity     Orem     outspoken     paraffin wax     parents     pavilion     peaches     peanut gallery     peanuts     peeking     perplexed     Phineas and Ferb     Pikes Peak     ping pong     pivot foot     playing chicken     porches     power steering pump      praying for money     precarious     pregnant     preschool     Pretty Lady     projector     projects     Prom dates     promise     Pull and Pay junkyard     pulley     puzzles     pwetty     quitting choir     rain     Raziel     real     redemption     rematch     reservior     rides     roller coasters     sabbatical     Scentsy     school     Scouting     secret love song     seminary     serpentine belt     shells     Shout-Outs     silly game     skipping     skirts     Sky Sox     slap-happy     sleep     sleeping     sleepovers     smiling     something better     Spectrum     speeding     stand-up     steak wrapped in bacon     stealing     stereotypes     Stetson Hills ward     straight     stretch     stupid     summer vacation     sums     suspense     sweating profusely     swimming     syrup     Temples     tendencies     testimony     texting     the list     the Office     The Princess Bride     throwing up     thumper     tickets     today     Tony     topics     tracking     train wreck     travelogue     trends     trifecta     trust     turn signals     Twitter     two     warning     waste     water     waves     weather     wedding     weeds     what the heck     Willow you idiot     winded     winning lottery ticket     wolves     wood chips     woodworking     Woooo     Yahoo     yesterday     YouTube     Zoo

Okay ... so if you seriously read all of that (or at least scrolled down to the end) here is the answer:  All of these words have ONE TIME and one-time only been featured as a "Label" for my blogs.  I specifically utilized different words and themes to create the most off the wall list of words and phrases over the first 30-days of posting.

What an incredible waste of time huh?!  Oh well ... it gave me a free blog post so I got that going for me.

Good night!  :)


  1. You seriously crack me up!! Thanks for the laugh!!

  2. I'm paying more attention to your labels now.

  3. Wow!! That's a lot of labels!! And you've been doing this for only 32 days?!