Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Why Is This So Funny To Me ?

There is no longer an explanation for why I find this funny EVERY time I see it.

Sure the first time it was hilarious because of the sheer unlikeliness of it.  Who on earth would not only pretend to be the coyote, but go further and deface this poster?

Then perhaps the next time I saw it I chuckled because I noticed the picture of what one can only assume is 'Peaches' and imagined that look on it's face just before the coyote enjoyed it for dinner.

And maybe when I saw it again later I actually pictured the coyote with a smile on his face as he wrote the special note on the sign.  Or I suppose I would have laughed if I pictured the face of the person who posted the sign when they first saw the writing that was added.

But no matter the reason, I laugh out loud EVERY time I see this again.  I may very well be a horrible human being, but I think I'm okay with that.

Song Of The Day:
Laughter is a blessing.  I know there are different types of humor, but I am grateful to be able to appreciate all kinds of it.  Some people in life are missing out on simple smiles they could enjoy if they just embraced the lighter side of things, real or not.  "You're Gonna Miss This" by Trace Adkins is more of a song about enjoying life's little moments as they happen, but it applies here too.
When I am surrounded by family and friends, one of my favorite things is the laughter that comes from reliving shared experiences we previously had together.  Missing out on those funny moments the first time would leave me out of the loop when reminiscing later.


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