Saturday, August 23, 2014

Has It Really Been Twenty Years ?

About a month ago I found myself and the rest of the Case Clan back in Greeley, Colorado for my 20-year High School Reunion.  What a trip!

There's plenty I could write about the experience, but I've decided to just post a slew of pictures I took and make a few comments on them.

I still have my graduation tassel
(it rode with us for the 2 hour drive)
The NEW front entrance
(which did NOT exist in 1994)

The old auditorium is now the library!
(Those beautiful windows had been covered with bricks
when the auditorium was finished.  They were uncovered
during construction and provide amazing views and light!)

Just another good 'school spirit' sticker 
Courtyard between the NEW
and OLD halves of the

Most of my kids were willing to take a 'Locker Photo'
These are newer lockers - mine was bright ORANGE!
Looking down (from the roof) at the open
space in what used to be the main entrance.
(These trees were planted just a few years
before I began attending school here.) 
The OLD front of the school (from the roof)
Sadly I totally neglected to take a
picture from the street so you could
see why we called this 'The Castle"

Some more 'school pride' artwork and a decal.
I had about a dozen of these stickers on a variety of folders
... and maybe my car window?

The cafeteria looked (and felt) so tiny!
(Of course Cat was happy to claim this as hers!)
The concession stand outside the gymnasium.
(The artwork when I went to school was WAY cheesier!)

Our gymnasium floor, complete with new logo
(In the top of the picture you can see the windows
to the new weight room, which used to be open
space for extra seating - it also was where
we stretched for track and cross country.)

MUCH better than the logo we had
during my years at Central!
(and Cat is now a WILD-Cat too!)
First, the orange banner is the words to our school song.
Second, the 'everyone a wildcat' sign is even creepier
when it lights up.  I'm a little sad it's still there!
Layout / map of the school and the grounds
(we didn't need one of these when I attended school here)
Some more artwork in the newly constructed weight room.
(I'm thinking this cat 'juiced'!)

Song Of The Day:
The year was 1994 and I was not yet 18.  Top 40 music was an eclectic mix of 80's style fun stuff, mixed with some angry grunge scene sounds, and topped off with a strong infusion of R & B and emerging rap artists.
The Cranberries had a few popular songs during my hgh school years, and I have chosen  "Linger" for this post.  The experiences we have in high school often do linger with us for the rest of our lives.  I, for one, have changed a great deal from those decades ago, and yet, at my core, the same beliefs and values ring true.  I am grateful for both the stability of my life and also the growth I have experienced through challenges and living day-to-day.  I hope everyone can say the same after the next 20 years.


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