Saturday, August 16, 2014

What If ... ?

I know we all find ourselves thinking deeply about life at some point.  As we age, we are tempted to ponder on life's choices and where they have led us.  It is equal parts amazing and confusing to consider the path we've trod and answer the question "How did I get here?!"  There are infinite possibilities.  Scenario after scenario that, if it had played out differently, may have fundamentally altered the very place you are sitting or standing at this moment.  'What if ...' becomes a daydream where you can imagine an endless parade of outcomes.  But it could be a dangerous daydream if you're not cautious.

The biggest potential downside if engaging in this mental activity too often or for too long is that it can mislead you into believing your current situation isn't already the BEST CASE SCENARIO.  I think, for most of us anyway, life is pretty amazing as is.  Strong relationships with close family and friends, steady and challenging work, sufficient time to engage in hobbies or other activities, excellent health and wealth (especially as compared with most of this world), three squares a day (and most likely snacks in between whenever we want), shelter over our heads when the weather isn't gorgeous (and it really is most of the time isn't it?!), transportation to and from wherever we need or want to go, entertainment literally at our fingertips, and so on.

I'm not decrying a little fun in asking 'What if ...' but make sure you come back and end with 'I'm so glad that ...' so you remain grateful for all you have.  Remember, life is what you make it and unless you've consistently chosen horribly, you've likely made a GREAT life for yourself and your loved ones.

Song Of The Day:
Every situation we encounter provides us with "Chances" to make decisions that will define our future.  I love this tune by the a Capella group Tonic Sol Fa, including the music and the lyrics.  If you're ever feeling down, think about that one chance in a lifetime that came true.  Odds are you'll find there are many more than just one 'What if ...' that turned out amazingly!


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