Sunday, August 3, 2014

What's The Real Reason ?

The view of Colorado Springs from the Sky Ride at CMZoo

Myra's 'break down' happened to
coincide perfectly with the lion
feeding schedule
Our mini 'family reunion' at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo yesterday was a complete disaster, including crying, whining, hurt feelings, anger, pouting, and some selfish, very childish behavior ... and that was just from the adults!

Right time, right place
In fairness, some fun was had by everyone who attended, and after we took a food break, spirits were much higher.  But even in that sentence it is evident that something was the real reason for the travesty of this get together.

It remains to be debated for ages, but the two primary arguments are that one of the following was the true culprit:
- the sheer size of the group (we had to be 25-30 people)
- just a lack of prior planning combined with poor organization of the activity

I am 100% in support of the latter theory.  Most families are not the best planners, especially when bringing together 5-6 separate family units, but I think my in-laws are less adept than most in these situations.  There is also the factor of every adult feeling like they could be the primary point person in charge, but none of them stepping up to actually TAKE the lead to organize things.

I would have gladly filled that role except for two key factors:
- I've come to dread going to the zoo (or any public area other than a city park) with a group this size.
- I'm a 'married-in' member of my wife's family ... so I would lose some group members just because of my bloodline.

At least I got some cool pictures.  :)

Song Of The Day:
I'm featuring an a Capella song titled "When The Day Met The Night" by the Tufts Amalgamates (originally performed by Panic! At The Disco) with today's post for two reasons.  First, the original plan for attending the zoo suggested we'd only spend part of the day there - but it sure felt like the day met the night while we wandered the expansive grounds at the zoo.  And second, the lyrics in the song suggest a mix of love and confusion in this joining of the day and the night.  That perfectly describes this zoo trip.


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