Monday, August 25, 2014

Why Ya Gotta Be So Rude ?

Periodically I will get a voice-mail on my phone at work or my cell phone.  Most of the time those messages follow a relatively standard pattern:
Hi this is (fill in their name).  I was calling about (fill in some details) -or- I was wondering (fill in some question).  If you could please call me back (sometimes a call back number is indicated) when you get some time that would be great, thanks!

These messages always get a prompt reply from me, because I judge them as deserving of a response.  They are clear, mostly concise, and give me some insight on why this person needs to speak with me.

Sometimes, however, I get a message like this:
Hi Josh, it's (fill in first name).  Call me back.

These messages almost NEVER get a response from me, except to delete them from my voice mailbox.  They are deemed unworthy of a response in my opinion.  Unless you're my wife (only the one), boss (also only one) or teacher (I'm not currently in school), you do not have the right to give me an assignment or task or homework!  Your need to talk to me indicates that you need something from me, but when you leave a message informing (or even asking - politeness is irrelevant when you're asking me to take over your responsibility) me to call you back, you've crossed a line.

Thankfully I believe most people either naturally understand this, or they quickly get the hint after leaving multiple messages that do not get a call back.

Song Of The Day:
Although the song "Rude" by Magic! is about an interaction between a man in love and his would-be father-in-law, I believe the title of the tune applies equally well to this post, in fact, the lyrics in the chorus are where the title came from.  Don't be rude, leave a real message after the tone.  :)


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