Thursday, May 1, 2014

Why Do YOU Dislike Being Interviewed ?

I recently completed two separate interviews for a different position at work.  I decided to apply partly of my own accord, but it was largely influenced by the support of several peers and my current manager.  But I digress ...

I hate interviewing!

I enjoy conducting interviews (which I did several times this week for another internal position at work), but I loathe being on the other side of the tableI tend to believe this is an uncomfortable (at best) experience for almost everyone, but the reasons for disliking interviews varies greatly.

One of my peers dislikes the prep work needed before an interview.  Another friend of mine feels like they cannot communicate effectively (they worry about formulating an articulate sentence or repeating words that detract from their message: such as, like, um, and so forth).  Yet another friend shared with me that they feel unable to summarize how great they are in just 1-2 minute examples.  Other people fear that their brain freezes and so they share mediocre examples instead of their "best" examples of when they have been successful.

For me, I believe my greatest downfall is that I overanalyze the interview as I am going through it.  Instead of just hearing the question, thinking about my answer, and delivering that best answer, my mind races to consider all possible implications of every little thing in the interview.  Why did the interviewer pause as they said that?  I don't hear any writing, why not?  Oh no, am I talking too much?  Wait, was that relevant to the question they asked me?  Did I already tell them the results of that example?  Why are they asking me about this?  How does that tie in with the role?  And on and on and on.  And that's all in a matter of moments after every single question, comment, or period of silence greater than about 3 seconds.

Thankfully I love my current role and the work I am doing, so there is little lost if this position goes to someone else.  The worst part is knowing I will eventually have to go through some type of interview process again ... oh I can totally wait for that!  No rush!

Song Of The Day:
I felt much better about the second of the two interviews, so with that in mind here is "Save The Best For Last" by Vanessa Williams ... because I really think I did that.  Not that I know this is "the last" interview for me for this role, but if it is, I feel much better knowing I went out strongly and not in a mediocre dud of a firework.


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