Saturday, May 3, 2014

Do You Ever Feel Like Your Life Is The Truman Show?

If you need an explanation on that cultural reference, I suggest you educate yourself by reviewing the link here about the movie The Truman Show.

It is obviously not logistically possible, but there continue to be so many times I have felt like my life is really some version of The Truman Show.

A few examples should illustrate the perceived logic behind my clearly illogical paranoia:
- At work, when I'm quietly finding myself feeling very demotivated or bored, things just happen to change dramatically to create more excitement or motivation.
- At home, when I'm feeling stressed about the kids or my relationship with my wife, things just happen to fall into place that strengthen my family connections or simplify challenging times.
- Socially, when I'm lamenting my absence from certain activities and then all of a sudden going to a Nuggets game just happened to come around; or someone invites our family for a visit.

I'm obviously not that important, but doesn't it sometimes feel like you are the center of the world for a moment?  How could this stuff happen if not some sort of intervention, divine or man-made?

Maybe it's just me ... but I doubt it!

Song Of The Day:
It's high time for another OMD song and I have one that fits perfectly with this post.  When I am feeling like the center of the universe in some weird way, I feel like the world is collectively saying to me: "We Love You" ... This tune has a bit of a haunting melody, which captures the weird feeling I have when things just happen to fall into place in my life.  I believe most of what happens is a result of choices, but sometimes, some things are almost unexplainable.


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