Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Did Anyone Bring A Ball ?

Few things in this life are as frustrating to me personally as what happened just about 30 minutes prior to me writing this post.

There is a process and commitment involved in getting ready to play basketball.  You need the right shoes and attire if you plan to play vigorously, leading to a good sweat.  Then you have to drive to the court with the hope and expectation that others will be there to play.

It is upsetting enough when you don't have even teams, or if no one else shows up to play ... but nothing is more bothersome than this: nobody brought a basketball.


Looks like it's ice cream and some Big Bang Theory on DVD to console myself.

Song Of The Day:
When disappointment happens, it is important to move past it quickly.  Good music, like "No More Running Away" by the a capella group The Pitchforks can help this happen.
My apologies that the audio of this song is so poor in the link above ... search for it on Spotify and you won't be disappointed!


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