Friday, May 2, 2014

What's Wrong With Stability ?

Asking her on a date.  Going on that first date.  A first kiss.  Contemplating a more "serious" relationship.  Picking, purchasing, and eventually paying off "the ring."  The proposal.  The wedding.  The honeymoon.  That first night together in your small apartment.  Decorating your first space together.  That first Sunday in your new ward.  That first positive pregnancy test.  That first pregnancy.  The first childbirth.  Holding your first newborn child.  Contemplating purchasing that first home.  Signing ALL those papers when you "buy" that first house.  That first night in your new home.

There are lots of firsts that may also be lasts if you think about it.  In fact, in many ways related to finding "the one" isn't your very hope that this could be the last first whatever-it-is?

When you are as fortunate as I am to have shared so many of life's firsts with your true love, gratitude for that person and all the blessings they have brought you in your amazing life is the only reasonable reaction.

I fear that in the world today, so many people of all ages are seeking for the new and the exciting.  The freshest experiences, the latest fads and trends, the recently created concoctions are all so important and perhaps, finally, happiness and joy will come with whatever it is.  But people ... you are totally missing it!  The real joy, the real peace, happiness, and contentment in this life comes from something so many people seem terrified of finding, even as they desperately seek after it: STABILITY.

Firsts are fun, but firsts are fleeting.  Euphoric energy quickly dissipates to neediness for the next high.  This is true for more than substances or beverages, as it can be applied to anything that anyone desires.  There is untold value and comfort in consistency, familiarity, and stability.  I hope everyone can learn this and find theirs.  I am forever grateful that I did!

Song Of The Day:
Today is the 16th anniversary of my wedding to the best blessing in my life.  I am so grateful that she agreed to be my eternal companion.  She is proof that it's "Not A Bad Thing" to fall in love.  This recent song by Justin Timberlake (presumably about his wife) feels perfect for today's post.  And here's a cover of that same song by the great a Capella artist Mike Tompkins.  The video is worth your 5 minutes of time too!

Karen, I love you so much!  Happy anniversary!  Thanks for everything!


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