Thursday, May 15, 2014

The Chosen One ?

It starts on the playground as kids.  Time to pick teams for dodgeball.

It continues during elementary school.  Who's sitting next to you at the lunch table?

Eventually there are dating implications.  Does she like-like you, or just like you?

Then the real world, long-term examples come crashing in like waves on the shore.  Applying for a job, waiting for college acceptance letters, serious dating and then proposing marriage.   In every one of those situations it feels great to be "picked."  On some level, it also feels terrible when you don't get picked or are among the last people selected.

If you have children you may have even experienced this when your child has a choice of who they want to hold them or put them to sleep or any of the tasks parents do for kids.  When the child wants YOU it just makes you feel special and boosts feelings of self esteem ... except for diaper changes!

May I suggest that when you do get picked for something, be a gracious and considerate person about it.  There is a time and place for your own private celebration of those good feelings you are having.  If someone near you was not selected, be empathetic and supportive, or better still (if it is at all possible) ... invite them to join you in whatever you were selected for.  The world will be a much better place for it ... and you'll also get another wave of good feelings for being a caring person.

Song Of The Day:
I recently heard Sara Barielles' new song  "I Choose You" and was excited to have a blog post concept that fits perfectly with the tune ... because I love it!  No, not just getting picked ... I love the song too!  I know it's more about love but I still feel like it applies to anything where you are chosen by someone else for something important.


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