Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Do You Really HAVE TO ?

I hear people all the time, especially as related to their kids, say "I have to do ..." some specific thing.

We have to put them in bed at such and such time.   I have to have my child's laundry ready for them in the morning.   I have to make sure the kids have an even number of gifts for Christmas.

I'm calling "baloney" on this practice.

You have to breathe if you want to keep living.
You have to pay the mortgage if you want to buy the house.
You have to feed and clothe your children if you don't want social services to have to take them away.
The rest is YOUR choice.  So own it!

Stop providing others, and yourself, with excuses of have to and start acknowledging that you are choosing to do whatever you are doing.  And then accept the consequences of those choices OR change your choices.  No one wants to hear you complain because someone else MADE YOU do something.  Well maybe a licensed professional therapist who will earn a nice living listening to your complaints about how complicated your life is.

Song Of The Day:
In the spirit of the new year, let's all agree to OWN our decisions a little more and stop seeking to blame whatever we are going through on someone or something else.  I recently heard the song "I Know" by Dionne Farris and I think we all know why we lie to ourselves and blame others.  Let's agree to check one another and stop this immature practice.  The world needs more honesty, and we deserve to be honest with ourselves too.


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