Friday, January 3, 2014

Which Pair Are Real ?

Apparently my kids like to organize and straighten things just like their old man.  Proof positive is the photo on the right, which shows two sets of glasses on my nightstand.  Just for fun, try and guess which pair are mine and which pair are toy glasses.  Look closely if you're struggling to figure it out ... there's a fairly big giveaway for the keen eye.

Give up?  Okay, mine are NOT pink.  :)

Song Of The Day:
I have four daughters.  When I hear the song "Brown Eyed Girl" by Van Morrison, I often think of them, even though only two of them are truly brown eyed.  I am certain it was my youngest, Myra, who set my glasses up this way, but all of my daughters do things that are thoughtful, unique, and maybe a little OCD.  I sure love 'em!


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