Monday, January 13, 2014

Have I Been Going About This All Wrong?

I've begun working out again (P90X) but decided to switch my workouts to the mornings, since everyone kept telling me working out in the evenings is wrong, etc.  Although that part is true, my real reason for moving the workouts to the morning is simply because my evenings are too busy with work, scouts, church basketball, and a little thing I like to call eating.

The thing is, since making the switch I've only been successful on getting the workout in about 50% of the time ... but I have uncovered success in another area that has been a challenge for me for many, many years - waking up earlier.

I may not get up to work out, but I get up and get started on the day earlier (if only to avoid guilt for not working out) and that is becoming easier and easier.  I cannot justify staying in bed when I know I need to work out ... but if I convince myself to do something else at that early hour, it's not as bad as just sleeping later.  Maybe I can become a morning person.

Regardless, I wonder if this is some small secret to making improvements in life that stick.  Perhaps it's not about the goal itself at all.  Perhaps we simply need to find something we dislike more than the goal we want to achieve and set a goal around that thing.  So instead of eating just salads, we set a goal to eat rice cakes ... and then the salads look pretty tasty.  Instead of painting the living room and kitchen, we set a goal to paint the whole house ... and so on.

I'll let everyone know if that keeps working for me ... so far, it has.

Song Of The Day:
I haven't featured a song from my favorite group in a while, so here is "Sunday Morning" by OMD.  I know Maroon 5 had a recent popular song of the same name, but they are not the same tune at all.  Take a listen and let me know what you think.  The only tie in to my post today is that it's talking about the morning and this kind of tune makes me think about a lazy morning when you don't rush to get going on anything at all.


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  1. whatever it achieves and makes you feel accomplished is all it takes!!!