Thursday, January 2, 2014

Do We Recognize Our Progress ?

This past Sunday at church, our lesson in Sunday School was centered around Resolutions, which makes lots of sense timing-wise because everyone thinks about goals and resolutions at the start of each new year (even if the pretend they don't).

We were all given pieces of paper and I was struck by something our instructor said.  He challenged us to reflect on the accomplishments or progress we made toward our goals this past year.  Initially  played along and just tried to think of goals I had accomplished ... but soon I began writing them down on my piece of paper because there were too many to just think about them.  I wanted to write them all down and really spend some time pondering on my personal progress.

I think we may all be guilty of looking back at the previous year and spending LOTS of time thinking about what we didn't get accomplished.  But we probably rarely (if ever) really stop to celebrate our things we DID get done or progress we did make.

I'd like to challenge anyone who reads this to take 30 minutes (and don't skimp on this please!) to reflect on this prior year.  Write down your list of things you accomplished, even if some of them are not completed or if the were not goals you had at the start of last year.  Ignore that voice in your head that will try to remind you of what you failed to complete, and WRITE DOWN everything you DID get done.

I will promise you two things if you do this:
first, you will be surprised at your list;
and second, it will be much easier to set and keep goals for this year if you start from a positive and successful place.

Song Of The Day:
There was a time when I was almost anti Christian-rock music.  I just felt like the heavy beats and loud sound couldn't really bring in the spirit that I am usually seeking with songs about my Savior or my faith.  I'm not sure when it happened, but my perspective on that has changed and I lately I have found myself listening to one of two local Christian radio stations.  I heard the song "Love Take Me Over" by Steven Curtis Chapman a few weeks ago and I think it is a great New Year song.  I'd like to be filled with more love in 2014.  If we truly loved one another as brothers and sisters with the same heavenly parentage, this world would be so much better!


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