Tuesday, April 15, 2014

When Did This Happen ?

Yesterday my oldest son was joking around with my wife and he climbed up in her lap, as if to act like a little baby.
Only he's clearly not so "little" any longer!
I think Karen quickly regretted his decision to effectively squish her, but I know she remembers holding him shortly after giving birth to him as though it were yesterday.

I am quite proud of the young man my oldest son is becoming / has turned out to be.  Sure he has his moments of malice or moodiness, but overall he is a very good example of what a young man and future adult should be.
In fact, the oldest daughter from one of our "friend families" recently commented that she could tell he was being raised up right ... if he were a few years older ... and then they commentary trailed off (but you could tell it was a reference to his dateability).

Song Of The Day:
It only seems appropriate for a Boyz II Men tune, since my oldest is clearly making that progression very quickly.  Their earliest BIG hit was titled "It's So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday" and seemed to be played at every high school graduation for years after its release.  It has also become a standard of a Capella music.  Great tune for a great young man!


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