Thursday, April 10, 2014

But How Much Are A Thousand Words Worth ?

It has been said that a picture is worth a thousand words.  I get how that makes sense, because almost any picture could easily be expanded into a thousand, or more, words that would describe what it portrays.

But how much are 1,000 words worth?  Perhaps the exchange rate isn't that great and maybe you already have enough words to feed your family.  Is there something else you can trade that picture in for?

Here are two photos of odd or random things I've seen at work recently.  I didn't give you a thousand words with each one, but there is certainly more than just a simple story behind these pictures.

To the left you will see the infamous (at least on my work floor) printer/copier.  I am fairly confident that this machine has logged as many hours "under the technician's microscope" as it has in actually performing its primary role.  This recent image caught my attention long enough to take a photo.  Apparently the absence of a whole section of the machine was not enough to keep people from trying to make it work so someone had the genius idea of placing part of a folded paper box top in the open void.  I wonder how many otherwise smart people saw this and thought it was a new place to load paper?  Or perhaps they believed it now recycles cardboard?

On the right is a photo I took in one of our break rooms at work.  If you were able to see the whole room you would see typical items within: refrigerators, coffee pots, microwaves, vending machines, a sink, a water and ice machine, and some tables and chairs.  I thought back to that song from Sesame Street (one of these things is not like the others) when I noticed a BABY BATHTUB on one of the tables.  I'm not even sure HOW to respond to this.  Is it "bath your baby at work" day?  Did someone want to recreate the bathtub gin-making that occurred during Prohibition times?  Or maybe someone wanted to bathe in the aroma of their coffee?

Song Of The Day:
Today's song is a throwback called "Undercover Angel" by Alan O'Day.  The tune itself has no real connection to this post, but each chorus begins with an incredulous "I Said What?!" that perfectly captures my response to seeing these photo-required situations.


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